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π Ind



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Properties of Am, Delta Del and Delta SCT stars in the VBLUW system
The spread with respect to the main sequence in the two-color diagramsfor 115 Am, Delta Del and Delta Sct, for which VBLUW photometricobservations have been obtained, is primarily attributed to gravityeffects. Exceptions to this rule can be recognized from a comparison oftheir positions in these diagrams and in the reddening-independentdiagram L-U/B-L, where some Delta Sct stars have experienced relativelyhigh reddenings, while others are presumably metal-poor. It is notedthat gravities and temperatures compare satisfactorily with those ofDavis Philip et al. (1976), which were based on uvby-beta photometry.

Multicolor photometry of metallic-line stars. III. A photometric catalogue
Abstract image available at:http://adsabs.harvard.edu/cgi-bin/nph-bib_query?1974RMxAA...1..175M&db_key=AST

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:21h56m14.00s
Apparent magnitude:6.19
Distance:166.667 parsecs
Proper motion RA:16.6
Proper motion Dec:6
B-T magnitude:6.432
V-T magnitude:6.196

Catalogs and designations:
Proper Names   (Edit)
Bayerπ Ind
HD 1989HD 208149
TYCHO-2 2000TYC 8816-1057-1
USNO-A2.0USNO-A2 0300-37427260
BSC 1991HR 8362
HIPHIP 108281

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