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PGC 11205



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Arcsecond Positions of UGC Galaxies
We present accurate B1950 and J2000 positions for all confirmed galaxiesin the Uppsala General Catalog (UGC). The positions were measuredvisually from Digitized Sky Survey images with rms uncertaintiesσ<=[(1.2")2+(θ/100)2]1/2,where θ is the major-axis diameter. We compared each galaxymeasured with the original UGC description to ensure high reliability.The full position list is available in the electronic version only.

The perseus supercluster at low galactic latitudes
H I-line observations of 65 galaxies at low galactic latitudes northeastof the Perseus supercluster are presented. 27 galaxies have beendetected, raising the number of radial velocities known for this area to45. The detected galaxies are normal in all respects. The new radialvelocities present evidence that the Perseus supercluster is extendedacross at least a part of the galactic zone of avoidance. Taking thesedata together with data from the literature, the Perseus superclustercan be traced from the cluster Abell 2634 at α =23h36m, δ = 26°46arcmin to the 3C 129cluster at α = 4h45m, δ =45°0arcmin. The ends are probably due to missing data. The authorstudies the distribution of galaxies in this region in Cartesiancoordinates. The study shows that this supercluster is a filamentaryobject which is plane at the same time. It is bent in this plane butdoes not have any points of inflection.

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Observation and Astrometry data

Right ascension:02h57m56.70s
Aparent dimensions:0.776′ × 0.389′

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